Prof. Dr. Mehdi Farshad

Selected books

This book discusses in an honest manner the potential for failures in plastic pipes which include those made from resins of polyester. Polymer concrete. pvc, hdpe and fiberglass pipes are illustrated and discussed in a manner that brings focus to some more recent materials and how they can fail. Discussions of limitations due to polymer chain linkage deterioration with time and under stress provide insight in to limitations that must be considered for comparitive selection of pipes and understanding the performance life limitations. Construction techniques that may enhance performance or cause accelerated failure provide important guidance for installation specification requirements.

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Shell structures are widely used in the fields of civil, mechanical, architectural, aeronautical, and marine engineering. Shell technology has been enhanced by the development of new materials and prefabrication schemes. Despite the mechanical advantages and aesthetic value offered by shell structures, many engineers and architects are relatively unacquinted with shell behaviour and design. This book familiarizes the engineering and architectural student, as well as the practicing engineer and architect, with the behaviour and design aspects of shell structures. Three aspects are presented: the Physical behaviour, the structural analysis, and the design of shells in a simple, integrated, and yet concise fashion. Thus, the book contains three major aspects of shell engineering: (1) physical understanding of shell behaviour; (2) use of applied shell theories; and (3) development of design methodologies together with shell design examples. 

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Authored books

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